Fat Charlie’s opened in October 2010, with the tagline - where the food is lousy and the beer is warm.

As I reflect on my childhood, my father gets some credit for the creation of this place.

I was a pleasantly plump kid, and my dad would tease me by telling others to “ask fat Charlie!” and then follow it up by saying; “you do good work Charlie, just not much of it.”

Charlie explains that his dad also told him that if he ever owned a bar the beer would be warm, and the food would be lousy. Thanks Pop, that’ll get people’s attention! And so, because of my dad and his witty sarcasm, that’s how Fat Charlie’s got its name.

Fat Charlie’s is a charming little bar full of sarcasm and quick wit in a world where sarcasm is a dying art and offensive. We offer a comfortable and clean place to come and Eat, Drink, Whatever! And the beer is always cold, and the food is not lousy.

Here’s my secret to make a quick million bucks, you have to open a bar with $2 million.